We at A1 Pro Entertainments specifically use Wireless Battery operated uplighters whose best credential is that there are no hazardous and unsightly cables to worry about. Hiring them out for all types of social events with the option of having a black or white perspex shroud (see illustration above) to hide the uplighters (without affecting their light output), and to protect them at the same time.

Purpose & Use

To create a coloured wash of light on a wall or feature(s) of a room.

For Corporate Events , Weddings and Parties in Hotels, Bars & Halls where stylish ambient lighting is required to give a dramatic sophisticated look to what maybe a bland room or to enhance the architectural features of an already classic setting. Choosing your favourite colour for an event is of course what excites most customers about uplighter hire


We use floor standing RGBWA (red, green, blue, white, amber) Wireless LED uplighters. Many uplighters that are hired out do not have as many colours as ours and therefore have limited scope for producing different coloured wall washes. They can be programmed to produce virtually any colour that you want. Other functions include colour fade, sound to light, chase and strobe. If you want them synchronised for one of the aforementioned functions then they can be controlled wirelessly or by a small remote control (no wires at all!). Ten hours life when fully charged

Hiring & Costs

Usually when you have contacted us we will discuss the options of what colours and functions you require from the uplighters for your event. On the day of hire we will deliver set up and collect them for you. We hire the uplighters out in multiples of six e.g. six, twelve, twenty four, etc. For six uplighters including delivery – the prices can be as low as £100 Obviously the venue location and ease of access can affect the final costs but at least you have a rough idea of what you will have to pay. The shrouds would be extra dependant on number hired.

For more information or an exact quotation in respect of any of our services please call us now on: 0800 0187278